Why am I running?

Why am I running? This is not an impulse decision for me, I have pondered the decision for many, many years. My wife and I live, work, and our children attend schools in Collier County. We have a vested and long-term interest in the community, and the timing is correct for me to fulfill a need for public service. My goal is to improve upon the quality of life in Collier County for the present and into the future.



Of course, water is our most valuable resource in SWFL; We must continue to restore the Everglades and Okeechobee watersheds. I oppose off-shore oil drilling. More research needs to be done to uncover the causes of lingering red-tide. I am a firm supporter of the Blue Zones Project and building Sustainable Communities.


Assisting current business owners who have the desire to grow their businesses locally, regionally and perhaps nationally is paramount to economic growth. Attracting new, start-up businesses to the area is important. Nurturing home-grown entrepreneurs is essential to the future of Collier County


I am opposed to subsidized Affordable Housing, but understand the need for Workforce Housing for Public Servants such as: Police, Fire, EMT, Teachers, etc.


As Collier County approaches build-out, it has never been more important to consider the long-term effects of residential development, commercial development, institutional development, and infrastructure.

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